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who are we?
MBT CART is proud of its customers and their service in all market sectors and under an environment equipped with the highest capabilities and customer service representatives to meet their requests as quickly as possible and to serve customers after-sales.
MBT CART. includes a distinguished team in the Marketing and Sales Department, working hard to provide the company's products in most parts of the Kingdom, whether through the distribution channels for retail stores, distribution channels for food services or various electronic stores.
The company is also distinguished by its team of working on importing the finest foods from all over the world so that it becomes available to the consumer in all Saudi markets. MBT CART is proud to be the exclusive agent for more than 30 global brands so far, and it is still on its way to further progress and continuous development.

We are proud of our ability to provide effective and varied solutions to provide food products to different market sectors, especially consumers, and include importing and distributing foodstuffs in all cities of the Kingdom and preparing a structure designed and implemented by the highest international standards, in addition to serving customers at all times and under one window to meet all business requirements.

A word from the CEO of the Board of Directors
The name of our company is associated with MBT CART., one of the leading companies in the market, with a focus on providing an integrated system that will enhance this link, as we are keen to provide unique and distinctive services to them on the site and close to the customer and from this standpoint, we affirm our company's commitment to an important role in the directions of economic diversification For our beloved Kingdom as an advanced destination for the sales and after-sales services sector, in line with the wise vision of the wise leadership towards diversifying sources of income to ensure a sustainable future.